The Dark Archer 2nd Edition is officially released on the world…

Starting immediately after the ending of the The Suffering, this tale weaves a mesmerizing web of wonder and intrigue as Bene seeks to find an end to his own suffering…

The Shadow Cult will be released later this year.  Keep a sharp eye out for the announcement.  Along with this, we will be doing a cover reveal soon, and believe me when I say…it is going to be stunning.

Click on Beyond the Fall to the right, and you can follow my reader page for my books.  That is where the cover reveal will be.  See you there.

Thanks for stopping by.


12 thoughts on “Welcome!

    1. Thank you! While I don’t attribute much of my inspiration to Bukowski, there are philosophical elements I certainly share with him. Thanks for stopping by, and especially for your time in saying hi.

      Have a great day!

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