I am still working on expanding out that short story into a novel, Reyvyn’s Dance (which is looking to become a trilogy), but the other short story I was working on is complete, and is at the length of a novela, now sitting at just shy of 25k words.

Entitled The Suffering, it is an introduction into my world, and tells the story of a princess who never forgets where she comes from, but endures hell, becoming something else.

Update: my science fiction novel is complete, inasmuch as it can be after the first draft.  That being said, it is at 55k words, and is quite bare bones, as is my customary style of writing.  The end result will probably be a length of around 80k words.

This one is a more harsh look at life, and a reality set in a world that had to become cruel in order to survive, a society where Darwinism is at its peak.  I am calling it my exercise in no-holds-barred writing, and it certainly pulls no punches.

I am continuing my editing services as well.  Second to writing, it is always fun working with artists, getting a feel for their voices, and helping them to produce something that is on par with the highest quality writing, but without giving up who they are.  Balance is always tricky.

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll be posting some new goodies soon.



15 thoughts on “Welcome!

    1. Thank you! While I don’t attribute much of my inspiration to Bukowski, there are philosophical elements I certainly share with him. Thanks for stopping by, and especially for your time in saying hi.

      Have a great day!

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