The Suffering has been released.  The Dark Archer is done – well, before editing, that is.  Currently, it is in the editing phase while I’ve begun phase 3 of the world I’ve created with Reyvyn’s Dance.

In The Suffering, Devani endures hell to end up becoming something else, someone else in Sha’yanna.

Then comes The Dark Archer, which tells the story of Bene, the captain of Devani’s guard, after he’s been released from his bond to Devani, now Sha’yanna.

Reyvyn’s Dance is set a couple thousand years in the future after the end of The Dark Archer, but some of these characters we’ve come to know and love will come back as Reyvyn seeks to save the world from powers she is not ready for.  This will be the first trilogy of my world.  Two are planned.

Eventually, I will go back in time and tell the stories of both The Fall and The Great War, and at some point throughout all of this we will be visiting, in depth, the continent of Tylarion through the eyes of Tu’ur and Neyir, both of whom will be seen in the Reyvyn’s Dance trilogy.  This series will bring my reader into completely different cultures, and with that comes new gods and myths to get lost in…

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15 thoughts on “Welcome!

    1. Thank you! While I don’t attribute much of my inspiration to Bukowski, there are philosophical elements I certainly share with him. Thanks for stopping by, and especially for your time in saying hi.

      Have a great day!

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