Her sorrows drowned in seas of joy,
her future bright once more,
where sapphire dreams entreat with jade,
where echoes dance with snow.

The waves have crashed and battered souls,
but also cleansed the heart,
as bridges burnt are built again,
and keep her safe from harm.

She dances now, in splendored garb,
a smile upon her face,
in tune with winds now woven through
the fabric of her days.

Her pillows bare – where heads had lain –
abandoned, like this room,
a haunt for memories’ time saw die
all strewn about the moon.

Her golden crown, a missing ruse,
now lost amidst the gems,
the ruby clouded tarnished dreams
bereft beyond the din.

She seeks her hope upon the hymn
and finds her smile, her breath;
no longer does the lie take hold,
but dies upon truth’s breast.