It Wasn’t Their Fault

Phaedra was coming home one day, and very nearly spilled her coffee on some stranger, but luckily she was able to save his shirt, for which he was eternally grateful.  Embarrassed, her face flushed, she finally looked up and was shocked to see Dane’s eyes lit up with that smile only he could have on his face.

Her countenance softened, brightening up instantly.  “Dane!”

“Hi, love.”  His smile melted her heart, and he could see her eyes welling up with tears, “It’s been a while.  What are you doing here?”

“I moved here recently, for work,” she replied as he wiped away her tears.  His eyes were intense, and she could feel herself slipping.  “How long have you been here?”

He laughed, “Way too long.”

Phaedra smiled, she couldn’t help herself.  “Are you off work?”

“Yes, was going to head home and make some dinner.  Care to join me?”

“If I won’t be intruding, sure.”


He slid the key into the knob and turned it smoothly.  The door opened up with ease and his quaint living area was there before them.  He motioned her ahead of him to go in, very gentlemanly, but he felt out of sorts.

His heart in his throat, Dane was nervous, though he tried to hide it.  On the way to his place they spent time catching up and she joined as he picked up a few things he needed for dinner.  It was a lovely walk, but it took every bit of willpower he had to avert his gaze from her, to not stare – she was so beautiful, captivating.

Phaedra helped with dinner, and he kept catching himself staring at her.  Her little hand motions and gestures, her laughter and the way she covered her mouth every time, and how she seemed to peer into his soul every time their eyes met.  Some things never change.

He was incredibly cautious to keep his distance, thinking it safer to let her make the first move, but he uncertain how long he could last without touching her, especially with her so close.  His mind was on fire, and he began to wash the dishes when she came up behind him and held him, her body pressed against his, and just like that first hug from a lifetime ago, his body felt electrified.

It was beginning to rain outside, the thunder was getting closer, the rain beating on the windows and roof.  Nights like this were his aphrodisiac.  He began to turn and felt Phaedra loosen her grip just enough for him to face her.

And finally, at long last, his lips pressed to hers and his entire body shivered in anticipatory excitement.  Her body melted into his, and his breath was stolen from him entirely as he picked her up and sat her on the table, removing her blouse in one swift motion.  He didn’t want anything to come between their lips for long.

She unbuttoned his shirt, her fingers making short work of it while he unclasped her bra and ran his hands over her back, shooting pangs of ecstasy through her body as she arched her body and let him hold her.  Phaedra reached for his belt buckle, fumbled with it for a moment and unclasped the belt, unbuttoning and unzipping his slacks in one quick motion as Dane picked her up again and carried her to his bedroom.  It got awkward when his pants slipped down too far as he was walking and they were soon laughing together at his short steps.

Dane laid her down on the bed and deftly removed her pants, kicking his off in the process.  He was shaking again, caught up in the moment this time, and for the first time in his life, he understood, and suddenly time stopped around him as his heart raced and he touched her, running his fingers up her legs, tracing her panty-line, caressing her tummy and finally outlined her breasts, teasing her nipples as his lips began to kiss her stomach, sensuously moving downward.

As his lips went between her legs, meeting hers, he got lost in her.  He could feel her as her pulse quickened, her legs moving up and down, shaking uncontrollably, her hands running through his hair, pulling and pressing his head down further as moans escaped from her mouth.

He had to look into her eyes, though…allowing his fingers to continue where his tongue left off, he began to kiss back up her body, stopping for a short while on her nipples, teasing and flicking each with his tongue as her body began to arch even more between the work of his fingers and his talented tongue.  Suddenly, he was kissing her deeply again, and in one quick movement of her body she was on top of him, in full control, kissing and pressing herself into him as she slid down, wrapping her tight, wet lips around his hard member.

He was lost within her as they moved rhythmically as one.  She was created for him, the way they fit together was perfection, and he couldn’t be happier than he was in this moment.  They continued this dance for hours until they came together, collapsing to the steady patter of rain.


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