The Dark Archer by Robert Cano

A wonderful review on my book The Dark Archer, from Stacy Overby… Check it out!!! And as for the cons, this was certainly done on purpose, as my target audience is of those seeking a more intelligent read.

Thanks Stacy, for the wonderful and thoughtful review!

Part author, part artist, all dreamer

Title: The Dark Archer
Author: Robert Cano
Genre: Dark Fantasy

The Dark Archer is where Bene’s story starts. Loyal to his princess at all costs, he is tortured, and his soul is ripped from his being. As a wraith, Bene searches for death to avoid hurting others to survive. His quest brings him an unlikely group of followers who become his friends despite his efforts to avoid those connections. After all, they are all seeking redemption.


There are a lot of things I loved about this book. First is the world building. Cano spent a lot time developing his world. The compleTDA ebook cover finalxity of creatures, social rules, and history are stunning. And the way he doles it out just fast enough to be interesting but not overwhelming is masterful. Every detail seemed well thought out.

I also loved the character development. These are characters who have a tremendous amount…

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