There is a need, a drive, for solitude,
but a fear is found within that quiet,
a wondering if I am enough,
enough for you, enough for me,
a good husband, a good father.

I have no answers, only fears which
feed that wonder, that doubt,
so perhaps what I need is unquiet,
that strange gray area which resides
between the noise I cannot drown
and the quiet found in the nothing
I love so much.

You cannot fathom the struggle,
the daily doubt which feeds me only
more doubt, and in that is where my
rage makes no effort to hide, for
it is within that rage I feel most safe,
most protected…

Some days I believe you.  But there
are so many days I do not, and not
because there is a lie to be found
within your words, but because I know
from experience that the lie might
appear as the truth – I have seen it.

It is the solitude which gives me the
truth I need, the foundation I require
for survival.  It is the noise, the “I love
yous”, the touches, that look in your
eyes which reminds me that life is so
much more than surviving.

Yet still I wake, doubtful you exist at all,
filled with both hope and dread.  Hope
you are there, hope you are not, hope
that perhaps I am not as crazy as I feel…
Dread you are a fractured manifestation
of my broken mind, dread you are laying
there when I roll over, dread that I am
everything I fear was created within me,
all that which I cannot escape…

I dread that I am exactly what I think I am.
And I cannot escape myself, no matter
how loud, no matter how quiet, for my
mind cannot allow peace – for peace died

I could not be given life, I could only chase it.


Fantasy Fiends – Round 2

I got to hang out with Andy Peloquin and Stevie Collier over at Fantasy Fiends again, this time to promote The Shadow Cult, and let me tell you, this was such a fun time. I think most of the time we spent together was just catching up and discussing our writing processes, even though we initially decided to discuss cults… We saw this as a happy accident and just ran with it. Also, in normal Fantasy Fiends fashion, we did a live reading from The Shadow Cult, and I set it up so Andy and Stevie would have some back and forth… and believe me, this is worth watching just for that.

Make sure you check out The Dark Archer before you read The Shadow Cult, but please make sure to check them out. You won’t be disappointed.

Check out our fun times below!

Between Lewis and Lovecraft

I got to sit down with Tyler from the Between Lewis and Lovecraft podcast, where we got to discuss all sorts of things and may have even gone too deep into current political and social situations…

The reality, however, is that we really do need to be having such discussions, but without the hate and animosity. Whether Tyler and I agreed or not is largely irrelevant, as we were able to have a cordial and in-depth discussion regardless of where we might fall on any given subject.


More Author Interviews!

It’s been a busy month, with the release of The Shadow Cult looming just ahead of us, only 10 days from the moment I’m writing this. While I don’t always enjoy the marketing aspect of the writing journey, getting to meet new people, getting to discuss writing and the journey itself, is always welcomed. This introvert might get tired, but these things are worth exploring.

And for my readers who wish to know more about me, these are a great way to learn.

Robert Cano
Author of the Soul of Sorrows series…

Genres Season Finale – Epic Fantasy

So I was on GoIndieNow’s Genres show for its final episode of the season. I get to discuss the epic fantasy subgenre of fantasy with fellow authors who write in fantasy and various other genres/subgenres. What is epic fantasy? How do we define this? And what about the worldbuilding aspect of this subgenre really helps us create this epic feeling? We talk about these things and more, so definitely check it out.

And remember to check out my works, The Shadow Cult, third book in this world and the second book in the trilogy, comes out in October.

Robert Cano, author of The Suffering and The Dark Archer.

The Shadow Cult Cover Reveal

We officially have the cover art completed for The Shadow Cult. This is quick mock-up of the cover, but this week I’ll be working further with the publisher to get the title right. That being said, please enjoy the blurb for the book and the cover. The Shadow Cult will be available in October. Be ready.

And if you have not been able to check it out yet, do go read The Dark Archer. I promise you won’t be disappointed. The story is very much about the internal. With The Shadow Cult, we look to the external. And with The World Soul (being written now), everything falls apart. Thanks for taking the time


The Shadow Cult comes for Aariad.

An evil grows in the south.  The Shadow Cult who created Bene are expanding their terrible ways, seeking new methods of mastery over the dark magics which course through the wraith’s body.  Theirs is a mysterious goal. And they are growing in power.  

An army is slowly bleeding into the world. An army which seeks the World Trees.  Three are said to have been birthed with the coming of light into the world of Arduil.  Just one of these ancient, magical trees will provide enough power for this army to enter into Aariad unhindered.

The shadow of war grows once more. But no one knows who the enemy really is.  Or which threat is greatest.

A Little Sneak Peek into The World Soul

The World Soul is book three in the Soul of Sorrows Trilogy which begins with The Dark ArcherThe Shadow Cult is due out in October, and this current work in progress, The World Soul, will be slated for release next year.

I wanted to give a sneak peek into what’s coming in The World Soul, currently sitting at over 38k word count.  Do enjoy…  And remember to check out The Dark Archer before The Shadow Cult comes in October.  I assure you, you won’t be disappointed.

Robert Cano, author of the Soul of Sorrows Series

Faded Realm