Play Time

It was a quiet night.  The distant stars were twinkling and the lack of moon caused each point of light to meet her eyes.  The view was beyond reckoning, with stars far too numerous to count.  Streaks of light, at random, would make their way across, but, almost impossibly so, Phaedra’s smile was what really lit the night.

The grassy knoll whereupon they lay was soft, and the dark brought with it a coolness that wasn’t lost on either person as they found themselves close, Phaedra’s head nestled on Dane’s chest, rising with each breath he took, and he with his arm around her, holding her tightly.  Interspersed between the silence, the sound of crickets would waft within earshot, always distant, but distinctly there.

Sometimes, they just needed to be together.  No words, no worries.  Just the unspoken dreams being carried to the skies as they basked under the watchful eyes of the heavens, feeling the world drift away as the stars drew ever nearer.



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