Light’s Chastity

It was a quiet day,
the sun disgraced
lay hushed across the way
in tears, effaced.
Her light, once chaste
to darkness fades, betrayed
by lies erased
with lovers in decay.

She cries herself to sleep,
a wakeful rest,
her outlook dreary, bleak,
she lays on chests,
the long bereft.
Her memories since steeped
in nightmare’s breast,
now lost, and cannot weep.

The tears, though borne of pain,
fall to the earth,
where even sorrowed rains
can bring new birth
and joyous worth.
And eyes that seek through stain-
covered cheeks berth
upon their glory’s bane.

The waters dance with wind.
The world shudders,
where she, in silence, grins,
last drops utter,
heart aflutter.
The warmth has come, now twinned
with light’s rudder;
and found new hopes within.


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