To Let Go

You’ve captured souls and buried hearts
where sorrows dared to dream.
Your eyes, they shine, as they impart
new life beside our stream.

Remember?  The quiet hopes we shared?
The dance we never had?
A breathless fog beyond despair
…your embrace, firmly clad?

T’was cruelty, held to faith’s own Fate –
her thirsty guillotine
upon which heads had sought to sate
a hungry blade, unclean.

I felt alone, but held you then,
a whisper’s breath and gasp
that slowly passed into the glen
of heaven’s sorrowed grasp.

It wasn’t death, however bold,
that took me from your arms,
it was a chest of promised gold,
in boyish, gaudy charms.

My eyes were opened as I left,
your smile had found its home
and washed me free, I’m now bereft
of all I’d ever known.


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