Stepping Away

It was easy, forgetting for a moment,
but though time stood still,
it kept moving around me, and when I woke
I was lost,
found adrift in a world I didn’t belong in.

I fell then, embarrassed,
jeers and scoffs at my impeding
their hurried walks,
as precious seconds were wasted
from their all too important lives.

I remember being shouldered,
fingers being stepped on,
it may not have been kicks to the ribs
but it hurt all the same.

Guess it didn’t matter, really,
after all, who was I that any should care?
In the grand scheme of things
I’m little less than a frown
in an ocean of sorrows, and the realization
was almost too much to bear.

There wasn’t a smile to be found,
even in the furthest recesses of my soul.

I saw you then, a light for my darkness,
a smile for my frown,
and you led me back to reality…

A reality where I woke up next to
the woman of my dreams,
and she wasn’t you,
no, your purpose was found in the journey,
not the journey’s end.

I’m okay with this, though.
For you see, I finally found my smile,
and it was hidden
beyond the toxicity of your touch.


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