Phaedra had given up on Dane and finally allowed herself to move on. After all, Dane had gotten everything he ever wanted in the arms of another woman, why should she dwell? Besides, it wasn’t as though she wasn’t marketable. A stunning beauty in her own right, she had her pick of the litter…she just hoped that Dane was happy.

But there was always something resting there in the back of her mind, a constant nagging feeling that all was not right.

They still talked sporadically. For some odd reason, they could never remain apart, even when they weren’t talking. The distances that somehow always kept them apart could never be enough, for their hearts were linked. If ever there was a time to believe in soul mates, this was probably it. But life is harsh and unfair – cruel even – and now she found herself alone, attempting to keep herself busy so she wouldn’t think on him anymore, it hurt too much.

And yet, without fail, nighttime always fell upon her, and with the coming of the darkness came the loneliness.

Her sighs were absorbed into the pillows that held her head in their cradle. Her tears soaked up by the same. It was a terrible tragedy that had befallen her (and indeed them), and her cries knew no end as she often cried herself to sleep at night, only to wake up exhausted, rendering herself quite useless to her activities, at least until she had enough caffeine in her to face the day.

As her mind often wandered to him, she began to wonder just what they were doing. Neither Phaedra nor Dane had ever gotten past their feelings for each other, but never once did they have a chance to go out on a date, or hold hands, or kiss. No, they had been relegated to long distance hopes that just never panned out.

She had hurt him; she knew this, but God how she wished he was with her now. Even just the sound of his voice was enough to bring a smile to her face – but that smile had since vanished, as it had been months since she’d heard his voice. Each day was longer than the last; the nights filled with sorrow and dashed dreams.

Phaedra had broken his heart. And now he had shattered hers. They were meant to be together, but no matter how much she believed this he was with her now, and if the rumors were true, his girlfriend was pregnant with his child.

She couldn’t possibly call him now, it would ruin everything.

Then, one fateful day, months and months after he’d gotten married, Phaedra received a call from Dane.

“Hello?” …Phaedra’s voice was quiet, timid, and broken as it cracked slightly under her breath.

“Hi, my dear,” came the solemn reply, “I can’t do this. I can’t pretend with one while I love another. It’s not fair to anyone. And so, even if I end up alone, I’m getting a divorce.”


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