A Good Time with Fellow Author E.G. Stone

As promised, I will be posting up all of my interviews and panels, so it may take a little while to gather them all up, but I have already created a tab just for these types of things, so feel free to peruse them.  These have all been fun in one way or another, and I’ve gotten to make new friends because of them.

Whether you’re a fan of books generally, or a fellow author or writer or poet seeking at least some bits of amateur information, please look through these.  There are some topics that are repeated here and there, but for the most part each discussion was unique in that we all have different ways of approaching this incredibly varied world of writing.  You may even learn a bit about me in the process…



To purchase any of my books, feel free to find me on Amazon where you can find both The Suffering and The Dark Archer, available now.  Links to The Dark Archer here, just scroll to the bottom.

Paperback and ebook available.  Hardbacks will be made available again soon… Also, The Shadow Cult will be coming out later this year.  Make sure to stay tuned.


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