Rhythm of the Night

Dane, after what seemed like far too long, arrived safely. As he finished everything he needed to and got settled into his new environment he laid down on the stiff bed and called Phaedra. It had been too long since he’d last seen her, but at least he could hear her voice.


Dane couldn’t help it, his smile lit up his face like only her voice could do. “Heya gorgeous,” he said, as he stared at the wall in the dimly lit room.

“Safe and sound?” Phaedra asked. Dane could feel her smile.

“All’s well. I’m exhausted though. Couldn’t exactly get much sleep on the way over here.”

“It’s okay, you just rest and let your eyes settle in,” as if he could help himself. Her voice was so calming, comforting to his soul, that as she said these words he drifted off, his phone still on his ear.

Morning came too soon.

As Dane shifted in the morning and groaned a bit, he realized that the phone was still on his ear, and while still in a bit of a haze he heard, “Good morning!”

“Have you been awake all night?” he asked, somewhat confused and still out of it.

“I suppose I have,” she replied, “I was just listening to you breathe. You breathe so slowly, rhythmically, I just couldn’t help myself.” Dane could feel her smile, just as he could feel everything about her, and as his face brightened he was unsure if he’d ever felt such butterflies before.


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