Shadowy Embrace

The embrace of shadow. The darkness, I have found, is as comforting as it is frightening. There is a sense of deep loss, but also of pure release. It is a world of paradoxes, a world where the numbing cold of doubt and trepidation can become a warming comfort of realization and confidence. Where being sightless means we can finally see the truth.

The light, in stark contrast, is searing, burning into our flesh with eyes of purified judgment. It cares nothing for anything aside from its pure state, and that it should remain pure in all ways.

But humanity is not pure. We are a broken species, with a sense of self that is contingent upon experiences, and many have suffered greatly. I believe our hope in the light is mistaken, that the painfully blinding nature of light was never created to be kind; that the fearful nature of darkness is merely a social construct, and offers more comfort and truth than its counterpart.

Just some random thoughts early on a Monday morning…


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