The Suffering. A blurby thought.

The centuries old war between the Satyrs and the Fae had expanded its reach. Devani, a princess whose father had sworn neutrality, was sent to live under the stewardship of their closest ally, a land whose borders had yet to feel the grip of war.

The innocence of childhood was giving way to the wonders of becoming a woman…

At the hands of her host, Devani experiences hell, the depravity of man. At long last, just as she is returning home, no more than a few leagues from the city gates, her caravan is attacked. She’ll never find out whether it was an enemy of the crown, or a host of rabid people, for an arrow pierces her shoulder, and it is here our story begins.

Devani finds herself deep in the Southlands, with the biting chill of winter all too near. No friends, an arrow embedded in her upper chest, her quest for survival leads her down a dark path, where powers begin to manifest, and with a mind of their own.

Hope remains, however, and she fights to see what future awaits. Soon, she might wish she’d never done that.


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